Reasons for Recent College Graduates to Consider Temp Agencies

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Fifty percent of all recent college graduates at the moment are either unemployed or underemployed. The job market has become so competitive a college degree means little to companies and businesses without some job experience to complement it. One option available to recent graduates that helps them gain more experience is working for temp agencies. Temp agencies offer a way to develop new skills and try out a variety of job fields before committing to a career.

Temp Agencies: Growing in Popularity

Temp Agencies, Temp Agencies in Baltimore, Temp Agencies in MarylabdWith the job market becoming increasingly competitive and requirements becoming stricter, temp agencies have begun to grow in popularity. Not only first time job seekers, but veterans of the professional world have come to temp agencies in the hopes of finding regular work. While many companies struggle in the current economy, temp agencies continue to thrive and provide employment for people in desperate need. Below are a few of the reasons why staffing agencies are growing in popularity: