Temporary Jobs Are Good Options for New College Graduates

Temporary Jobs, Temporary Jobs college grads, Temporary Jobs openingsMany young people graduate college without a sense of direction for their career. Even though you’ve worked hard to earn your degree, you may find you’re still unsure about the future of your career. Don’t worry! This is very common with recent college grads. Using a staffing firm like Symphony Placements is a great way to test the waters and find your true calling, all while earning a livable wage. While working with a staffing firm, you can expect:

  • Skill identification. Many people have hidden skills they don’t realize until someone addresses them. You could just think you’re good with budgeting when you may actually have a future as a financial advisor – you never know!

How to Avoid Costly Turnovers – 3 Reasons Employees Don’t Stick Around

workforce solutions,good employee workforce solutions,employee workforce solutions The job market is finally facing an upturn after years of being in a slump. Workers are feeling more secure about the job market, and as such are more inclined to look for new careers if they’re not happy. That, coupled with the fact that Millennials have a tendency to switch careers anyway and you’ll understand while keeping loyal employees is becoming increasingly difficult. So what’s the price tag on a good, loyal employee? Symphony Placements examines what it takes to keep one.

Strive For the Best: IT Dream Jobs to Keep You Motivated

IT Jobs, Temp IT Jobs, Best IT JobsAll individuals need motivation to pursue their dream jobs. The IT industry overwhelms many candidates because of the numerous career opportunities that exist within the IT industry. If you’re working in the IT world, it comes as no surprise that you may be inundated with a plethora of job specialties.

The evolving nature of technology means businesses are always looking for IT specialists, and job descriptions are always changing and breaking off into new career paths. Cut through the confusion and learn about different specialties so you can figure out which suits you best, then contact Symphony Placements to jumpstart your career path!

Casey Cares Champion of Children Award

Casey Cares Champion of Children AwardCasey Cares Foundation names CEO Wanda Smith as the 2017 “Champion of Children” award recipient!

Casey Cares Foundation has named Wanda Smith, CEO of Symphony Placements, along with the Baltimore Ravens as the 2017 Champion of Children award recipients.

Wanda first volunteered with Casey Cares, after watching a segment of the TV reality show Secret Millionaire. She fondly recalls, “I was watching this TV show, and I saw the founder of Auntie Anne’s Pretzels working with Casey Cares to help all of these ill children and their families. I was truly overwhelmed, and I thought, I gotta get involved with that!