Make Smart Hiring Decisions Now and Save Time and Money

direct hire recruiting, direct hire recruiting tips, direct hire recruiting adviceHiring the right person for your open position is much easier said than done. Sure, background checks and interviews are helpful, but they don’t reveal the full picture. Working with a staffing firm such as Symphony Placements will make the hiring process easier, but you should still keep in mind these smart hiring tips.

Temporary Jobs Are Good Options for New College Graduates

Temporary Jobs, Temporary Jobs college grads, Temporary Jobs openingsMany young people graduate college without a sense of direction for their career. Even though you’ve worked hard to earn your degree, you may find you’re still unsure about the future of your career. Don’t worry! This is very common with recent college grads. Using a staffing firm like Symphony Placements is a great way to test the waters and find your true calling, all while earning a livable wage. While working with a staffing firm, you can expect:

  • Skill identification. Many people have hidden skills they don’t realize until someone addresses them. You could just think you’re good with budgeting when you may actually have a future as a financial advisor – you never know!

Wanda Smith, CEO of Symphony Placements, participates in Piranha Tank reality investment show in Washington DC.

PiranhaTank_event_squares4-1Symphony Placements CEO, Wanda Smith, recently participated in the Washington DC Piranha Tank reality show as a Piranha investor.  The show is designed to match entrepreneurs with potential investors, but there is a proverbial catch!  Each idea or concept that is pitched to the investors must have a socially or environmentally sustainable connection.  So, by creating sustainable businesses for a sustainable planet, with sustainable capital, the mission is to drive growth in local businesses and identify entrepreneurs who have ideas that support the ideal.

Symphony Placements support local businesses.

abr-logo-300x100Symphony Placements is proud to support local businesses through a number of initiatives.  Here are a few ways we have recently been engaged with the business community.

Symphony Placements is a proud supporter of AHA Business Radio

Symphony Placements is a proud sponsor of AHA Business Radio, a weekly program dedicated to providing information to help business owners run their business and guide their decision making.  Each week, the host, Alan Hirsh interviews local CEOs and business owners on the local CBS Sports Radio station found on AM 1300 each Tuesday night from 6 – 7PM.   The program provides CEOs an opportunity to share their stories of success and failure with the audience.