Symphony Placements Announces Temporary Staffing Employee of 2015 – Wanda Smith CEO

SP Temporary Staff 2015 Jason Kocal editedSeptember 28, 2015 kicks off National Staffing Week for flexible staffing agencies across the United States.

Symphony Placements proudly announces The Temporary Employee of the Year 2015, Jason Kocal.

Wanda Smith congratulating Jason Kocal at the Annual Luncheon on September 15, 2015.  The afternoon was celebrated with Marta Chavatel, Vice President and Clients from the Mail Center that Jason Kocal has been on a long term temporary assignment for over 2 years.  Prior to this assignment, Jason was in transition in careers and started with Symphony Placements on various flexible assignments.  Jason trusted the process with the recruiters at Symphony Placements and after a few months was delighted to find a long term assignment that has allowed him stability and growth within the client’s organization.

A Salary Calculator Can Help Your Employee and/or Job search

Salary Calculator, Temp Job Placement, Staffing Agency Salary calculators are handy little tools that let you see what any particular position can expect for compensation in areas throughout the country. Using the calculator is a great way to gauge salaries for which you’re qualified. It allows you to determine estimated income for jobs in your area, helping you to apply for positions that pay what you want to make. Learn how to use a salary calculator to determine an accurate forecast for your salary, and contact Symphony Placements today to get started in your search.

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What Does an Executive Assistant Do?

Executive Assistant Job Description, Best Executive Assistant , Find an Executive AssistantAn executive assistant is a step up from your basic administrative assistant. The ability to multitask and communicate effectively cannot be overstated. While administrative assistants are expected to be a skilled jack-of-all-trades, executive assistants should be a master-of-all-trades. So what exactly is it that executive assistants do?

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Top Interview Questions Asked

Interview Questions to Ask, Best Interview Questions to Ask, What Interview Questions to AskThere are a plethora of questions a person could ask during an interview, but some are better than others. Knowing the best questions to ask creates a better image with the interviewer and increases chances for a second interview. There are many questions you can ask that will let your interviewer know you have the company in your thoughts and have the personality traits of a good employee:

  1. “What do you like about working here?” This is an excellent question to ask the interviewer. It shows you are genuinely interested in the company culture and would like to know more. It also shows you care about fitting in with the company as much as they do. And of course, everyone likes the opportunity to discuss themselves.