The Advantages and Disadvantages of Working with Temporary Services

Temporary Services, Temporary Services Baltimore, Temporary Services MarylandTemporary services are frequently misunderstood, with their advantages and disadvantages not often fairly described. There are a number of reasons job seekers should consider working for a staffing agency, and some drawbacks as well. The following are the disadvantages and advantages of working for temporary services:


  • Flexible time frame. Temp agents are comprised of all sorts of job seekers, from those looking for week-long assignments to those hoping to get placed into a position that will become permanent. Staffing services can put employers in the best position for them, based upon their desired time frame and flexibility. Part time and temporary jobs are just as common and feasible as full time jobs for temp agents.

Why Temporary Agencies are Better than Individual Job Searches

Temporary Agencies, Temporary Agencies Baltimore, Temporary Agencies MarylandIn the current economy, the job market has become increasingly hard to navigate. Finding a job through a personal search has become harder than ever, and many people are using temporary agencies to find employment. Temporary agencies often lead to greater job search success than individual job searches for a variety of reasons. A few of those are listed here:

  • Established relationships. Most staffing services have longstanding clients, companies for whom they have provided staffing solutions for many years. These clients use the staffing services as their first means of filling an open position, leading to many positions being filled before they were made known to individual job seekers. By working for a temp service, a job seeker will benefit from any existing relationships the agency has with employers.

Working for a Temp Service Allows Employees to Learn Many Skills

Temp Agencies, Temp Agencies in Baltimore, Temp Agencies in MarylabdOne of the benefits to working for a temp service is the ability to explore a wide range of jobs and employment opportunities. Because temp agencies provide services for a variety of industries, it is possible for a temp agent to pick up skills and gain experiences that allow him or her to be comfortable in any job. These include practical skills as well as character traits and less tangible qualities that are equally important in business. Below are a few of the hard and soft skills that can be gained from working at a temp service: