Marta Chavatel Awarded Executive Management Award SmartCEO Baltimore

VP Business Development and Operations EMA Awards SmartCEO 2015
VP Business Development and Operations EMA Awards SmartCEO 2015

Symphony Placements knows it takes a village to create an award winning team for our clients and employees!

Wanda Smith, CEO and Founder of Symphony Placements is proud to announce Marta Chavatel VP of Business Development & Operations (her right hand in business and team development for the past 4 years) has been awarded as a 2015 Executive Management Award Winner by Baltimore SmartCEO Magazine!  Marta is a go to resource in recruitment, team development and successfully assessing placements for our clients.

How to Find Flexible Staffing Options

Flexible Staffing

Finding flexible staffing options isn’t always easy, although today’s workforce is leaning more and more toward flexible jobs. There are a few tried and true ways to ferret out flexible staffing positions, such as joining a temporary staffing agency, becoming a freelancer, and taking telecommuting positions. There are also a number of factors to consider regarding giving up a permanent position in favor of a more flexible one. Here are a few tips for finding flexible staffing:

How Temporary Jobs Can Boost Your Career

Temporary Jobs

Temporary jobs can seem like fruitless endeavors to some people, but with further investigation, these opportunities can be important steps in finding your dream job. These positions can help fill a gap during times of unemployment, help job seekers get a feel for a new work environment, and possibly lead to a permanent new position full of growth potential.

Gain Work Experience and Skills:

Experienced workers and college graduates may not be eager to look for temporary jobs, but these jobs do have benefits. In long stretches of unemployment, a job that lasts only a few months can break the cycle of unemployment and add to the relevancy of a resume. Temporary jobs provide hands-on experience for first-time job seekers or individuals who are attempting to reenter the workforce.